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Leanin' Tree Museum and Sculpture Garden of Western Art Media Center

These images of the new bronze sculptures at Leanin' Tree are for your convenience to download and use for purposes of publicity and promotion of the Leanin' Tree Museum only. All photo images are courtesy of Leanin' Tree, Inc.

Sound of Autumn© - Gerald Balciar
(Download EPS 7.7MB)
Bird Woman© - Richard Greeves
(Download EPS 12.2 MB)
Aerial Approach© - Ken Bunn
(Download EPS 3.2MB)
Cowboy© - Buck McCain
(Download EPS 11.3 MB)
The Intruder© - Kenn Bunn
(Download EPS 7.2 MB)
Sow and Cub© - Dan Ostermiller
(Download EPS 2.2 MB)
The Conqueror© - George Carlson
(Download EPS 1.5 MB)
The Beauty of the Harvest© - Martha Pettigrew
(Download EPS 4.5 MB)
An Honored Life© - John Coleman
(Download EPS 8.8 MB)
White Tail Deer© - Sherry Salari Sander
(Download EPS 648 KB)
Crossing the Prairie© - Glenna Goodacre
(Download EPS 5.2 MB)
Sik Sik Shell Game© - Tim Shinabarger
(Download EPS 3.3 MB)