Angel number 555 meaning

Are you seeing the number “555” pop up in your day?

Maybe you’ve seen the number several times after checking your alarm clock. You could also see the number on a billboard while driving to work. This number keeps popping up again and again… A so-called coincidence.

You’ll discover the surprising truth at the end of this article!

What Does 555 Angel Number Signify?

The number 555 is a sign of change and possibility. You will see a lot more good things in the coming years if you become more conscious and spiritual. How do you achieve this? Let me tell you a story.

I was skeptical about everything. It didn’t matter what the proof was, faith, opinions of others, or my own strength. I couldn’t accept any evidence if I didn’t see it.

This way of thinking is clearly wrong. We would all still be living in the dark ages if everyone believed that way, as no one would ever dream of doing anything.

In 2018, however, I met a highly successful person (whom I’ll introduce in a moment) who shared a powerful spiritual teaching that completely changed my life, both in terms of financial resources, happiness, and confidence. It was then that I realized that being too skeptical about everything is childish and lazy.

You will become more aware when you realize that the most important thing to do is to say “I don’t know”. This will enable you to go out to find the truth.

What does this all have to do with angel number 55?

Regardless of whether you believe or not in angel numbers, the truth is that you have been led here by seeing this number. You were curious enough to learn more about the repeated numbers. This curiosity has led you click on the article to read this sentence.

It happened to me too. I was curious about the truth, despite my doubts. And I was able to see certain coincidences that led me to this incredible path in my life.

Everything happens for a reason.

This important moment was brought about by your karma (or the causes that have shaped your life).

You have two choices after reading the following paragraphs:

  • You can go back to your everyday life and forget all that you have just read. You will continue to live your normal life.
  • Get active, develop spiritually, and you will get what you want.

You have the option to choose, but I hope you will pick the latter as this world requires more people who are fully in control of their emotions.

So in 2017, I hit rock bottom. I was stressed, anxious, and broke all the time. This was not a new thing in my life. I felt that everyone was doing better than me and couldn’t imagine a way for me to be there. When I spoke to someone, the first thing that came to my mind was “I hope he/she likes/loves me”. I was always worried about how others would perceive me and that led to zero confidence.

I almost fainted when I was asked to speak in front of a large audience. It was not funny that I couldn’t control my emotions. Every single thing in my day had an impact on how I felt about the rest of the day. Negative events would always be a part of my daily thoughts. My life was dictated by my external circumstances. My life was incredibly chaotic and depressing.

I was fortunate to have a part of me that was always looking for “a way out”. I wanted to create a life that was my own and not those of others.

After seeing the angel number 55 repeatedly, I began to do some research. The main message was to become spiritual. Despite my doubts, I tried many different things, including daily meditations of three hours, reading books, and philosophizing about the world. However, nothing seemed to work.

Even after following these practices for one year, there was no significant or measurable improvement in my life. Then, in 2018, I discovered this “experiment”, which dramatically changed my life.

I was a participant in the surrender exercise by Michael Singer. He is the CEO of a multibillion-dollar company that never wanted to make one dollar. Michael began his life as a meditating hippy living in a van. He grew up to become an incredibly successful person in all areas of his life.

He shares his surrender experiment training and explains how to take control of your emotions and thoughts, and live the life you want.

My life was transformed by the training. I wasn’t a slave to my external conditions anymore. I was taught by my trainer that you can be joyful all the time.

It’s possible to be happy all the time and not let anything get you down. Although it may seem absurd, this is the truth.

The experiment teaches you about your inner voice, how you feel, the emotions you experience, and what the outside world can do to you. It’s so simple and effective that almost no one in western society has ever heard of it.


It is important to remember that you should not look for love during training. Spiritual growth and becoming a loving being is what you should aim for. Michael says that once you reach that point, you won’t need to search for love again . Because everyone wants to be with loving beings, you will need to fight them off.


As you shouldn’t chase love, so should you not pursue financial gain. It is essential to have the financial resources you need to support your family and yourself. Everything you need will be met if you have control over your emotions and thoughts. You’ll be able to see the good and bad in your life and make wise decisions that will bring you financial success.

Is Seeing 555 a Good Sign?

Is it a good sign to see 555? It doesn’t really matter. It is important that you develop spiritually. It is amazing to see number 555 and grow spiritually. This angel number caused a profound change in your life. You grew conscious and took control of your thoughts.

Others may not act after seeing the number “555”, so the sign is meaningless to them.


You can understand the spiritual significance of angel number 555. You will live a life filled with happiness, joy, confidence, and abundance, not because the number is important. This post isn’t about numerology or prayer, but spirituality. You don’t need to wait for signs from your spirit guide or pray to start a spiritual practice. You will have all you need.

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